Additional Sermons

Oct. 21, 2017, Attention, especially hearing impaired visitors, we recently published several additional archived sermons from audio to printed. These new additions were originally dated as follows, making them easy to find, under “Sermons”;  2016-03-13,  2016-09-18,  2016-09-16, 2016-10-09, 2016-10-16, 2016-10-23,  2016-10-30,  and 2017-05-28. Visitors, please share this website address with those whom you know might like to have written sermons made available to them, but aren’t acquainted with our website. Thank you and may God Bless you.

July 30, 2017, We were again blessed with visitors from the mission field today, therefore we don’t have a sermon from Pastor Williams.

July 9, 2017,  We were again blessed with guest speakers today, therefore don’t have a sermon from Pastor Williams. Please come again next week.

PLEASE NOTICE:  The recent Audio Sermon, 2017-04-23 Enjoy Your Blessings, was based on the work of Barkinmoon.

FOR HEARING IMPAIRED VISITORS: Please share with friends and family that many of our audio sermons are also available here in written form for viewing and study.

April 21, 2017 Please check for another sermon just posted in print, under SERMONS, it’s listed as  Faith. The audio sermon was given on 2016-10-13.

April 2, 2017  We shared a Seder/Passover Meal this morning, therefore there was no sermon today. Have a Blessed week.

Feb. 5,2017   We are blessed with visitors from the mission field today, therefore we don’t have a sermon from Pastor Williams.

Bummed Out?

If you’re bummed out, join us in this prayer.

Father, in the name of Jesus, I ask that you bring the proper emphasis, that you bring it and if I have messed it up, I know that you’re going to take care of it. I don’t need to stress out about it and you will cause it to work for the good. So I Thank you for all the good things you’ve done to me and for me. Thank you for all the gifts that you’ve given me. Some of them God are just totally awesome, and I love to brag about them and it’s always Jesus and what He did for me. And, if there are any angels around, just look at what God, the Lord, has done for me and be in awe because He’s good to me. He is good to all the people that have trusted Him. Be in awe of the grace of our God and our Lord. In Jesus’ name. Amen.