2016-09-18 Believe We Have Hope

VN520470 9-18-16 Doyle Believe We Have Hope

Evidently, the Holy Spirit, God, Jesus, and the Trinity wants this sermon and this message very badly put out there, because we have not discussed anything that would include Dwayne, any of the people who sang, but the theme has been running right through it, and here it is. We all crave the feeling of hope but often lack the audacity to believe that we have it. We crave that feeling that we have hope but we lack that boldness to believe that we have it. Now, we’re just going to focus in on one verse and that’s Psalm 54:4. There are a couple other references I will be looking at. I am using the New American Standard. “Behold, God is my helper; The Lord is the sustainer of my soul,” but the focus part is Behold, God is my helper, and that whole verse, the prefect is that word behold. That is the leader of the band. That’s the one that launches it. He’s saying look, behold, wonder, stand in awe, be amazed, God is my helper. My helper on a very personal level.

It’s not just that God is our helper. Our God is with our nation. It’s God is with me. God is my helper. My God is my helper. By the way, I’d like to say this. We hear all the time that so and so is the follower of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Well, put your name on that list. He’s your God also so when you hear somebody say well, that person is a follower of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob then say and He is the God of Barb, He is the God of Lynn, He is the God of Elaine Delaney. He is my God just as much as theirs. Sometimes we don’t feel like we qualify but it’s just as much a statement of truth. He is my God. You can have your gods, but He is my God. The God of Abraham is my God also. So, He is the God of Doyle Williams. Amen, verily, and that’s the way it is. Behold, be startled, be amazed. God is there helping me. Because I’m so good? Because you’re so good? No. Just because He likes people who trust in Him.

If you trust Him you are His child. That’s what it said, the Holy Spirit. Romans 8:16 says that the Holy Spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are His children, and because we are His kids He likes us. He will do things for us. Just like you like your kids. I mean, I played up and down the block and I can talk about different people in our neighborhood being like a second mom to me, but believe me they did prefer their children. My mom preferred their children also. I’m just saying that God prefers us. God is there to help us. Yes He does love us, yes He does love the other people, but He is there for us in a very personal way. Why? Because we trust Him, we are His people. Is it reasonable that we should expect this from Him? Well yes. First and foremost is He promised us. He said I will be there for you. I will never leave you. I will never forsake you. “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,” I will not be afraid because Thy rod and Thy staff, they comfort me.

All these promises are made and there is just a vast amount, myriads and myriads of promises that He makes that He will be with us, He will lead us, He will guide us, He will direct us, He will shepherd us, He will protect us. He’s made these promises and we trust Him. Therefore, we can expect Him to keep this statement: Behold, God is beside me. He is there to help me. My God is there to help me. As a matter of fact, one of the official names of the Holy Spirit is that He is… when I was a kid I always thought they were saying parakeet, but it’s the Greek word paraclete and it means para, alongside. He is there to help us. He is an advocate on our side. It’s like He is the lawyer pleading our case with us. When we do something He is there to assist us to make sure we do it right. That is one of His promises, one of His names, one of His titles towards us. It is reasonable for us to expect this because He promised it, but it’s also reasonable because He has helped other people in the past.

Based on those promises, based on promises that He has made He has benefited them. In the same way He will keep His promise and He is there to help me and benefit me. Is it because of deeds that I have done? I tell thee nay, it’s not because of what I’ve done. It’s because of what Jesus did and I trust in that and that alone. So, what’s my advice? Relax. Just rest in your trust that He is there. You can say but, but, but Doyle, I’m not good enough. You don’t have to be the hero, you just have to be the one receiving from the hero. The hero of our life is Jesus. He is there and He has accomplished it, and He took this world by storm and He actually grabbed the kingship of it and conquered it and now we are beneficiaries of it. Not only of the blessings that are material, but also the spiritual ones and He keeps saying you’re My kids, stay right here beside me. You’re My kids, just stay right here. We don’t have to be the hero. We just have to be able to accept it. We don’t have to be perfect.

There is a list of people that is given in the Old Testament and in the New Testament who we hold up as the heroes of the faith. In Genesis 15:16, it says Abraham was accounted righteous because he believed God. Abraham believed God and it was accounted to him as righteousness. Just because he trusted God said you’re My kid and I count that good enough. You are now righteous in My sight. Abraham. We go Abraham, father Abraham. Father Abraham was great, father Abraham was wonderful. He was, he was, and still after that statement is made he let his wife, Sarah, be taken off to the harem of Abimelech and be made part of his harem, and God had to come to his rescue the second time for the very same, not the same king, before it was Pharaoh, but after this statement is made it was Abimelech. God was there standing by Abraham’s side going okay, I’m going to bail you out of this one again, out of the same situation, and He goes to Abimelech and rescues Sarah. God rescues Sarah away from Abimelech. So, Abraham wasn’t perfect.

Oh, Jacob. Jacob is a good guy. Jacob had his name changed to Israel because he has power with men and power with God. His original name, Jacob, means supplanter. S U P. I tried to look it up with sub. He’s not there. S U P, supplanter. It’s an old word that means he trips up people. He trips up other people so that he can take their positions, so that he can supercede them. This was a conniving person, and yet he is a hero of faith because he did make the statement one time. He said he was fleeing for his life because he just tripped up his brother, took his brother’s birthright and his brother’s blessing. He had them both and he had secured those for himself and then realized well, dah, his brother was not happy with him and he had better hightail it. Actually, his mom even said you better make a run for it because your brother is going to get you and get you bad. Mm, take off. Jacob left, but as he was leaving he said God, You will be my God if you bring me back here and God brought him back and when he got back he was still steaming and conniving.

He had to leave because his uncle, Laban, who was his father-in-law was also just as much of a schemer and a conniver as he was so he thought best that he leave Laban’s country and go back home after lo those many years. So, he heads back home and when he gets there he’s still trying to figure this all out. He has a plan and he starts manipulating his family and sending them forward and his herds. He’s manipulating and God meets him in what we call the angel of the Lord wrestled with him, and that angel actually crippled him to the point that he could no longer depend upon himself to run, to flee, that he was going to have to trust in God to deliver him. He goes forward. That’s all I have, that’s all we have is we have to trust in God. Sampson who was dedicated to God from his birth. I mean even before he was born the angel showed up and talked to his parents and said listen, this guy is going to deliver. Yes, deliver his people.

Now you can’t cut his hair and you can’t let him eat of anything that comes from the vine. You’ve got to keep him sanctified and holy. You’re going to keep him as a Nazarite. And yet Sampson messed everything up. He drank, he married a person he wasn’t supposed to. He did all this stuff and finally he let his hair get cut and yet he was dedicated to God. Even after all that God used him to accomplish that which God had intended. You say Old Testament. New Testament people then, Peter. The great guy that we know that stumbled along and denied Christ three times. Then we all point the Acts chapter 2 and say but look, in Acts chapter 2 Peter stood up on that day after receiving the anointing of the Holy Spirit and boldly proclaimed the Gospel of Christ. That’s all true, but if you read in Galatians you’ll find out later, years later, that he was in Galatia and some people from Jerusalem showed up and he started getting cowered by them and he started backing away from the Gospel, the truth of the Gospel of Christ, especially to us gentiles.

So, he started backing away from that and pretending like he was actually more Jewish and keeping the old customs that he had so boldly proclaimed that we were free of in Acts, and now he was doing the opposite and Paul himself said whoa, Peter, you hypocrite. You’ve been eating bacon with the gentiles. Now these guys showed up and you’ve shifted off and you slunk over here. Stand up guy. Stand up. This is the Gospel of Christ we’ve got to stand for. He wasn’t perfect. Even after he made bold statements, even after he followed after Christ, even after the filling of the Holy Spirit he still was not perfect and yet Jesus stood by him. Paul. Paul wasn’t perfect. Paul had problems. He was talking about the thorn in his side and he said I have trouble. Yes he had a great prayer life, but three times he besought the Lord and he said relieve me from this thorn. Now, it is never defined as what that problem was.

I personally believe that it wasn’t defined so we could all read into it what our problems are so we could say Paul had a problem, had a thorn in the flesh. I’ve got a thorn in the flesh also. I’ve got something that just irritates, pokes, prods, and at times is painful and I’ve besought the Lord, and I’ve asked the Lord, and I’ve prayed to the Lord and yet it’s not gone, but we can assume, I know, don’t use the word assume, but we can proclaim that this verse in 2 Corinthians 12:9 is good for us also. “My grace is sufficient for you.” My favor is sufficient, is what He is saying. God says My grace, My favor is sufficient for you because in weakness then I am made strong or proclaim strong. He’s there. So, Paul himself had issues. We don’t know what they were whether it was a stumbling of some kind of his in a personal life matter or whether it was some person who was causing him, giving him a pain in the neck, but we also know this about Paul, that wherever his presence was he had a riot.

He caused a riot in Antioch. Because of him there was a riot in Thessalonica, Berea, Corinth, Ephesus and also in Jerusalem. That guy stirred up trouble everywhere he went. He was proclaiming the Gospel of Christ. In Jerusalem they just saw him and had a riot. So, his very presence was causing this. He was not the peaceful person everybody… oh, he was the bomb, he was the one that calmed the waters, the troubled waters. A lot of times he was the one that caused the stir in the trouble of the waters and it was he that caused it, and yet God was with him each and every day, each and ever way. In the Book of Acts it says that the prophet Agabus met him and took his girdle, his sash we would call it that was wrapped around Paul, took Paul’s sash and the prophet tied himself up and said the man who owns this sash is going to be tied up just like this in Jerusalem and is going to be made a display to all the nations. True to form that was a good prophecy and Paul got tied up exactly that way and he ended up being hauled off, and yet God was right there with him every step of the way.

How do you know He was with him? Because he got on that boat and that boat started sinking. They threw everything off the boat, the boat kept sinking. Finally the boat broke up and before it went down he said boys, if you know how to swim over there is an island. Swim for it. Guys, if you don’t know how to swim there’s plenty of wood floating around. Grab you a big chunk and then start paddling toward that island. I’ll see you there because God said I’m going to end up in Rome. He gets to the island, he starts making the fire to keep everybody warm. He gets bit by a deadly snake. He just shakes it off and keeps going. They’re all going, the people on the island are saying that boy is going to die. God didn’t like him. He’s going to get snuffed. He got bit by a snake. He never died, he never got snuffed. What happened? God was standing by his side to help him.

In 2 Peter if I could read this verse fairly quick. “But the Lord stood with me and strengthened me, so that through me the proclamation might be fully accomplished, and that all the Gentiles might hear; and I was rescued out of the lion’s mouth.” So, there he was in a situation that he was rescued but he said the Lord stood with me through all these problems. All the issues that this guy had, or caused, or brought upon himself, or was forewarned about and could have stepped back from the situation he didn’t do it, but he said the Lord was with me each and every step of the way. Once again Psalm 54. “Behold, God is my helper; The Lord is the sustainer of my soul.” That is something that we can all proclaim. God is my helper. He is right there beside me. Behold people. Be amazed, God is your helper. Be amazed that God is standing beside you. Look and say look, God is here to help me.

When your life is crappy God is there to help you. When your kids and your family are acting up or they’re going astray or you’re having issues with them, God is there to help you. When you want to punch your boss out God is there to help you. Thank you Jesus. When you have sinned again and it’s the same one again, He is still right there to help you. Anytime you’ve got any issues whether they’re health or it’s something that you have a foreboding, it’s in the future and it’s coming your way, God is there to help you. 2 Timothy 4:17 is what I read before, but let me continue on with verse 18. Remember it said, “But the Lord stood with me and strengthened me.” Verse 18. “The Lord will rescue me from every evil deed, and will bring me safely to His heavenly kingdom; to Him be the glory forever and ever. Amen.” God will rescue me. God will bring me. Those are prophetic statements. He is making a statement. God in the future is going to deliver me. God in my future is going to get me into His heavenly kingdom.

God is going to do that, and if He did it for Paul He will do it for you. Know it, proclaim it, believe it, live it, and say God will rescue me. He’s my helper and He is beside me. Behold, I’m amazed. Why would He want to do it? I don’t know but since He said He would I’m going to accept that. I’m going to take that. So, go out there and take faith that God will, God is going to, God is there in your future to rescue you and to make sure that you personally make it all the way to the kingdom, and after you make that kind of a bold statement, do what Paul did. “To him be the glory forever and ever! Amen.” Know it. Live it. Believe it. Proclaim it. You are a child of God. Behold He is with you to help you.

Shall we pray. Father, in the name of Jesus we do thank You that You are with Your kids. Help us to stay cognizant of that. Keep it on our mind. Keep prodding us and when we see those problems come our way or if we even imagine problems that are going to come our way always jog our memory and say psst, I’m right here with you. I’m going to get you through. I’m going to rescue you, and I’m going to take you to My kingdom where I am. All glory and honor to You. Father, we ask that if somebody does not know this to be true in their life that they’ll accept Christ and what He accomplished and trust in Him so that they can make these same statements we are making. We are blessed of God. In Jesus’ name we pray and say thank you. Amen.